Women Driving Under Influence: Rising Or Decreasing?

Every day in the newspaper we read about vehicle crashes and 10 out of 6 are either due to drunk driving or driving under the influence of drugs. The data which is published by FBI is quite shocking. It has been found that in comparison to men, women are arrested for drunk driving and from 2003 onwards the number of death caused due to alcohol or drugs has encountered a significant rise. We would want you to be aware of the various reasons, effects and latest statistics regarding rise in the death rates of drunk driving among women.

Reason Behind Rise InWomen Drunk Drivers

Women is drinking alcohol while driving

Well, as per the latest surveys conducted by the experts, it is determined that depression and increased level of stress among women is leading to such a rise. Women are relying on drugs and alcohol for coping with their work and personal life. According to the reports given by FBI, it is clear that the cases of drink and driving have considerably lowered down for men; however, it is on a constant rise among the women.

In the present scenario, most of the workers in an organization are women. This can be another prime cause of increasing rate of drunken driving incident at night. After work women usually drive late at night.  In the USA, almost 35 car accidents in the year 2012 have found involvement of women who mainly falls in the age group of 21 to 34.

Alcohol And Drugs: Affecting Driving

Drinking alcohol while driving can cause accident

Alcohol or any other form of drugs like cocaine or opium creates a significant impact on human sensory nerves and ultimately reduces thinking ability. While driving a vehicle, the driver need to make maximum use of his sensory nerves and with intake alcohol or drug, a person comes under its influence immediately.

After pouring alcohol in your system it is sure to bring deadly consequences for a person. Although people are aware of this fact but still death and arrest due to drunk driving are increasing in USA. Alcohol gets assimilated into our blood and here is a list which will show the concentration of alcohol affecting your body.

  • .02- Your blood you tend to lose power of judgment and your mood gets affected too.
  • .08- Memory gets impaired and a person began to lose self-control.
  • .05- Human body fails to alert the sensory tissue and so impending danger remain unnoticed.
  • .010- Thinking power slow down and a person might encounter poor coordination.

Ways To Prevent Drunk Driving

The best way to go home when your drunk is to hire a cab

It’s high time that women should take responsibility for themselves by minimizing the amount of alcohol and drug intake. They need to be aware of the rising data of drunken driving incidents. Follow the given below steps to bring changes in the global scenario.

  • If you have crossed maximum limit of alcohol then do not drive by yourself instead hire a cab.
  • You need to minimize your drinking amount and it is better to opt for non-alcoholic drink.
  • Women should not take mixed type of drinks as these drinks might contain high proportion of alcohol.
  • If you are depressed then talk to your friends and family or whoever you trust instead of choosing alcohol as the way out.

Hence, it can be discerned that the rate of women drinkers are on a rise than fall. So, if you cannot stop drinking then do not try to drive and save life.