Congressman Don Bacon Supports A New Resolution Against Distracted Driving

Have you ever tried to find out the reasons for road accidents? If not then you need to take a note that half of the accidents takes place due to distractions. Distraction simply refers to involvement in other task while driving. Drivers often try to take risk with their lives and also of others by drunk/drugged driving, surfing internet or chatting on phone.

Prime Causes Of Distracted Driving

Texting while driving can cause accident in the road

There are certain common factors or in fact component which a driver uses while driving.

  • Suppose your children ask you to increase or decrease the temperature. It may also happen that all of a sudden you realize that music system is too loud and you try to adjust it. In both these situations, you are getting distracted which might lead to mishap.
  • In today’s age of digitalization, you will find that no one can live without their phones and so, in case you are using your phone for texting then beware you can meet with an accident.
  • Those drivers who suddenly find that perhaps they have lost their way and began to look for any landmark can be prone to an accident.

Campaigns Against Distracted Driving

The famous congressman Don Bacon has taken an initiative towards preventing distracted driving and it is just commendable effort on his part. He had introduced campaigns like “Road to zero” and “It can wait” and these two campaigns has ensured safety of both the driver and the pedestrians.

These and many more initiatives need to be put into practice by the government organization so as to reduce the rate of car accidents over the time.

Tips For Preventing Distracted Driving

Taking a call while driving using bluetooth headphone

Here is a list for preventing distracted driving:

It is recommended to make use of hand-free phones and use them only during emergencies.

One needs to concentrate purely on driving instead of other activities.

You should not try to have your breakfast on a car as food spills can distract you.

Hence, while driving one should concentrate on the road instead of their phone and other trivial things.