Campaigns Promoting The Use Of Helmet While You Drive

The head and brain are the body parts that are most likely to be damaged in the event of an unlikely accident. The proper usage of helmets can prevent a drastic head injury. In comparison to the non-helmet wearers, the risk is reduced a great deal when both the biker/driver and the person sitting behind are wearing helmets. There have been several campaigns all over the world emphasizing the importance of helmets over the years.

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Suzuki Campaign

Suzuki motorcycle had launched a campaign to promote drivers or bikers to use helmets. They called their campaign #HelmetForLife and used it to stress the importance of life. They collaborated with the traffic police to spread the word.

Even though the sale of two-wheelers in the year 2017-18 increased, the number of accidents also effectively increased. Hence, their initiative gained momentum. This year, they launched the second phase of their campaign in March and its already on the full swing.

The Helmet Awareness Ride Campaign

Indian Head Injury Foundation launched a campaign by offering free helmets to parents of kids who are unable to afford helmets and their basic mode of transportation remains a two-wheeler. They educate young kids about the importance of wearing helmets on road and preventing any head injuries.

The foundation distributed around 1000 ISI kids’ helmets to their students to ensure that even the children learn to put safety first.

Honda Campaign

Honda launched a ‘Helmet Awareness Drive’ in 2015 to promote road safety among bikers. They targeted all major cities and states. The campaign pushed for customer safety promotions, engagement exercises, helmet advertisements, mass movements, and kids’ awareness safety ambassadors & campaigns.

Helmet Awareness Program

The Brain Injury Association Sudbury & District launched their ‘Helmet Awareness Program’ on June 4, 2011. A 17-year-old Sudbury man- Mr. Stephane Blais lost his life due to a head injury. He could have been saved if he was wearing a helmet. It was in his memory that this particular campaign was launched.

The initiative aimed at increasing the sales of helmets, spreading awareness & knowledge about the consequences of not wearing a helmet and Sudbury campaigns to prevent deaths from head injuries on the road. Additionally, discount coupons were provided for citizens buying helmets to further the effects of the Program.

Also, check out our ‘Stop A Friend Campaign’ to promote Road Safety and stop the people you know from being intoxicated while driving. Many other initiatives were taken as a part of this Program, you can read about it right here.