About Us

Road safety is taught to us during our elementary school years. We all know how important it is to obey the traffic rules and how avoiding those can turn out to be fatal. But not all of us are responsible towards our own safety and the safety of others while we set out for driving recklessly under the influence of the drugs or alcohol.

At Friends Drive Sober, we try to put emphasis on this very notion of road safety and how lives are lost or scarred for just one wrong decision.

What We Do


We are a group of enthusiastic people who have set out to educate people about sober driving and influenced driving. A few among us have even experienced the pain of losing a loved one on road accidents because of drunk driving by either the deceased or the one who collided against them in the most unfortunate way.


We create regular awareness programs and try to reach out to general public and eminent personalities who can spread the idea of driving safe.

What We Believe


AtFriends Drive Sober, we believe that when you go out on the road, your safety should be your primary concern because unless you can keep yourself safe, you cannot ensure safety to others on the road.We believe that taking drugs or excessive alcohol is illegal, especially if you plan on driving afterwards.


At the same time, we believe that until those under influence understand the fatality of their action by themselves, their near and dear ones should come forward to help them.

Our Mission


We have a simple mission –to make the roads safe for everyone. In making so, all those people should come forward as responsible citizens and pledge to drive sober. Our mission is to make people understand that drugs and alcohol is harmful for health and if anyone consumes these insensibly, he/she will put not only his/her own but also the lives of others around in danger. We seek to educate and inspire people about driving safe so that none has to go through any mental or physical trauma or even death.


Our Vision


At Friends Drive Sober, all of us have a vision –the roads are safe for everyone and none drives under influence. We see a community where none drinks before driving and none is addicted to drugs. Our vision can be far-fetched but we feel that is what a responsible community should be.

Our Goals In Future


Since our starting days till date, our initiatives have been significantly successful and we plan on keeping this tradition in future. Our goals in upcoming days will be to create more awareness among the teenagers and adults about the importance of sober driving and the fatalities of drunk driving. With our regular road safety programs and awareness initiatives, we would try to bring more people into spreading the awareness. Unless all the people become responsible and try to help others who are responsible enough, the roads will never be safe. With this objective, we can create a safe community.