Ways Distracted Driving Can Affect You

Being distracted with your mobile phone or being under strong influence of drugs and alcohol, while driving –this little yet drastic carelessness can claim some fatal injury and even death. Road safety is not a new thing to us and still many out there tend to ignore it deliberately. There are people who become so influenced after consuming alcohol that the alcohol in their bodies start to dominate them and their drastic actions –as a result, some feel over-enthusiastic about driving like a cyclone while some feel so intoxicated that lethargy takes over their driving skill. Besides, there are those reckless people, especially the teenagers and youth who wish to feel the euphoria by taking drugs. After taking drugs the senses become so blurred that the person has no clue about his/her actions.

How Distracted Driving Is Fatal –For You And Others?

Using mobile phone while driving is not good

The best way to keep such accidents at bay is to track the drivers under influence. Know more about tracking drivers under alcohol or drug influence. But, as tracking is not possible always, there comes the news of accidents.

Let’s understand the impacts of distracted driving –

Reduced Reflex Actions

Using mobile phones while driving needs the driver to take either of the hands-off steering and give a significant amount of attention to the call or other works on mobile instead of giving the entire attention on the road. Even if the person uses headphones or Bluetooth speakers for talking while driving, the studies have shown that there is almost the same amount of distraction.

When the attention of the driver is divided, the reflex actions too will be divided. Hence, during a crash or while taking a turn, or sudden braking the person would not be able to react as swiftly as he/she would have if there was no division of attention.

Accidents Are Imminent

As a continuation of the earlier point, when your reflex actions are poor the chances of accidents increase rapidly. The distracted driver would not be able to see the vehicle that tries to overtake or flashing its headlights. When a car suddenly comes in front, the distracted driver might find it impossible to hit the brake or change the direction of his/her vehicle. The result of such scenario will ultimately come to accidents where, if minor, the car will get damaged and if major, the driver along with the occupants as well as the other vehicle(s) will face serious injury and even death.

Revoked License

Bright headlight in the car can cause accident

When a car suddenly comes in front, the distracted driver might find it impossible to hit the brakeToo many history of distracted driving will ultimately cause a revoked driving license. This is applicable even during the first stages of learning driving where the trainer keeps track of how attentive you are while driving. In real-time, if you are getting distracted too often, either under influence of intoxication or something else, the license issuer would take strict actions like suspending your license and in severe cases, revoke it altogether.

Criminal Penalties And Loss Of Reputation

Influenced driving or distracted driving is basically considered as an act of outlaw. The rules of using mobile phones vary from state to state, but the consumption of alcohol or ingestion of drugs is illegal while driving in all the states. It does not matter whether you have been drunk before taking the wheels or you have been too adventurous as to take drugs and alcohol while driving –the penalty tickets will really cost your reputation and money. Besides, if there is any fatal accident or death, you can even be dragged to jail or court.

Spiked Insurance Premium

Car insurance application

Finally, when you have accumulated a little too many distracted driving experiences and your car has had too much maintenance, be assured that the insurance premiums can spike up regarding the rash driving history.

So, basically alcohol and drugs as well as other seemingly harmless sources like using mobile, listening to music with high volume etc can distract you while driving. Distraction from anything is harmful and when you are distracted while driving a speedy vehicle alongside other numerous vehicles, pedestrians or roadside elements, the result can be life-threatening.