Dangers Of Drunk Driving: The Case Of France Goalkeeper And Tottenham Hotspur – Hugo Lloris

The drivers are required to make use of their hands, legs and eyes while driving and these three sensory organs are directly connected to the brain. In case, you intake alcohol all these sensory organs began to malfunction thereby sending late signals to the brain. It ultimately results in deaths. Instead of enforcing strict law and order, people are still driving under the spell of alcohol.

Impact Of Drinking On Driving Skills

Alcohol decreases your rational thinking capability.

All those people who are quite ignorant about the impact of alcohol on their driving capability should pay a close attention to what can happen.

  • Coordination: As soon as you intake alcohol the coordination system that works between foot, eye and hand gets disrupted.
  • Tracking: A person under the influence of drinks and drugs finds it difficult to locate any vehicle or pedestrians in front of him.
  • Focus: Alcohol decreases your rational thinking capability. This is what happened in the case of world cup winner Hugo Lloriswhen his Porsche was stopped on a routine checkup in Central London in 2018.
  • Vision: Night vision gets highly affected with alcohol and in fact eye muscle functioning slow down.

Considering The Risk Factors

Tottenham Goalkeeper Hugo Lloris

If we go as per the government generated data then it can be said that age group belonging from 21 are more likely to involve in drink and driving. Another report has shown that BAC level amongst the 21-24 year old age group has increased to 0.08 percent which is a matter of concern. Also, celebrity involvement have also encountered a hike as in the case of Hugo Lloris who faced consequences for drunk driving.

The Case Of France Goalkeeper And Tottenham Hotspur – Hugo Lloris

Hugo Lloris pleads guilty to drink driving

Hugo Lloris, the World Cup-winning captain, goalkeeper of Franceevadedprison sentence but was imposed with a driving ban of 20months and a fine of £50,000 ($91,300) fine in 2018 for drunkdriving in central London.

The Tottenham Hotspur goalkeeper termed his behaviour as “unacceptable” and was given a lighter sentence instead of being locked up for six months.He did spend 7 hours in the jail, apologized to the court and took full responsibility for his actions.

Legislations Regarding Drunk Driving

Police officer makes a traffic stop

Government in each and every country has formulated some legal obligation against drink and driving, and are promoting safe driving. One can find that mostly legislations are applied in terms of the BAC level. BAC level refers to the amount of alcohol that gets concentrated in human blood. Its limit decides whether the person is able to drive safely or not.

In USA, it is stated that if the BAC level crosses 0.8 then the driver is likely to be punished as it happened in the case of the famous goal keeper of France. In most of the states of USA there are limit put on age of drinking and it is mostly 21. Although laws are put into practice but still drink and drive cases are reported.

So, it can be said that awareness program needs to be increased overtime otherwise people will continue to lose their lives due to drunkdriving.