What We Can Learn From The New Statistics On Drugged Driving?

The facts and figures that we have obtained from the government organization clearly indicate the fact that rate of drugged driving is increasing. Smart ways to promote Safe Driving should be propagated. It is to be noted that driving after intake of drugs like heroin or cocaine can create vulnerable effect on your driving abilities. With drugged driving, it is not only the driver whose life is at risk rather pedestrians too come under the scanner of danger. If you are still ignorant about the effects of driving under the influence of drug then pay close attention to this study.

Know How Drug Effects Driving?

Drug Driving

The effect of drug is highly dependent on the type of drug. If a driver has taken marijuana then he/she will likely to lose control on their moral judgment and also coordination between sensory organs and brain will get disrupted. In case, you have taken cocaine then you will become more reckless while driving. In both the cases, vehicle crash is inevitable.

Studies have found that marijuana reduces the reaction time. There are some people who in fact consume marijuana with alcohol and this may lead to lane weaving. This mixture of more than two substances often makes it difficult for the researchers to identify the effect of a particular drug.

Variation In Drug Test Reports

drivers lost their lives due to drugs

In the year 2016, the country of USA has registered almost 37000 deaths due to vehicle crash. In almost 5.6% cases drugged driving was detected as the major cause. Those drivers who were tested positive for the presence of drug in their body, 38% out of them had marijuana in their blood. While almost 16% accounted for opioids and the rest 42% were reported to be illicit drugs like Xanax or cocaine.

The tests that are undertaken to detect drug is not similar for each and every country. Different innovative tools are introduced for ensuring that drivers are tested for the presence of drug while driving. If we go as per the reports published by the government you will find that in the year 2016 about 5300 drivers lost their lives due to drugs.

Drugged Driving- Fatal For Teenagers

how harmful drug can be to your life and also to other’s life.

In a survey that was conducted in the year 2011 have found that almost 12% of the high school goers take marijuana in comparison to alcohol. The reason why there is a rise in the accidents rates of young adults is due to the fact that they are quite inexperienced in comparison to older divers. Both limited driving skill and drug influence are turning out to be major causes of road accidents.

Now, the data of drugged driving can be used to warn the amateur drivers. Steps that can be taken towards preventing drugged drug are:

Therefore, one should know how harmful drug can be to your life and also to other’s life. Preventive measure should be taken for stopping people from driving while they are under the influence of drug.