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Evaluate the Team Up to Prevent Impaired Driving Campaign

Team Up to Prevent Impaired Driving Programming Manual

The Team Up to Prevent Impaired Driving Campaign addresses the importance of educating students about the risks of driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs and how to program, throughout the year, to prevent impaired driving. The first weekend back to campus, homecoming, Halloween, finals week, and graduation may all be times that involve activities and events where students are likely to use alcohol and drive impaired. Prevention programming is most important during these high-risk times.

The Team Up to Prevent Impaired Driving Campaign includes a programming manual, posters, pamphlets and promotional items to help campuses plan a comprehensive program to reduce drinking and driving throughout the year. By using this campaign, campuses can equip students with the knowledge they need to protect themselves and their friends by coaching them to make the choice to drive sober and to not ride with a driver who is impaired. This campaign shows students that if they make a game plan and arrange for a safe ride home, prior to going out, everyone is a winner.

By using the Team Up campaign campuses will encourage all students to develop a solid, well planned strategy before going out with their friends. The Team Up campaign empowers students to: pass the keys to a designated non-drinking, non-drug using driver; carry phone numbers of those they can count on if they need a safe ride home; or enough money for a cab or public transportation at the end of the night.

To download the 2007 Team Up to Prevent Impaired Driving Programming Manual please use the link in the side bar. For previous BACCHUS Impaired Driving Campaigns, click here.