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How to Spot An Impaired Driver

Remember - lots of times it's not just the impaired driver or passengers of that vehicle that get hurt, but the innocent drivers around them. That's why it's so important to drive defensively and be aware of other drivers that may have been drinking.

Exaggerated or unusual driving can be a good warning signal that a driver is impaired. If you suspect someone is impaired, drive defensively, allowing plenty of space between you and the suspected car to avoid a collision. Look for these signs:

  • unreasonably fast or slow speeds or inconsistency in speeds
  • frequent lane changing
  • swerving when passing
  • ignoring traffic signals and signs
  • jerky starts and stops
  • driving at night without lights
  • approaching traffic signals and signs unreasonably fast or slow
  • sitting at stop signs for long periods of time
  • driving too close to the curbs and shoulders; hugging the edge of the road or straddling the center line
  • driving with the windows down in cold weather
  • driving with the head partly or completely out the window

If you are concerned about a driver:

  • do not confront the driver
  • get the license plate number and description of the vehicle
  • call 911, local authorities or state patrol to report your concern (many states have a special number you can dial from your cell phone to report suspicious driver activity)

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