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Drugged driving is on the rise, according to Reuters. For more information, and the latest commentary click:

NHTSA press release: Increase seen in women driving under the influence

Click Here for the 2008 NHTSA Fact Sheet On Impaired Driving

Click here for 10 ways to Promote Safe Driving! It involves cereal boxes, parking tickets, candy, and Bladder Chatter!

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Thanks for visiting - the official The BACCHUS Network™ website devoted to impaired driving prevention. Here's where you'll find comprehensive information on how big the impaired driving problem really is but also what steps you can take to prevent it and what you can do to actually make a positive difference in your community.

iPhone App Helps Students "Plan Ahead":

The Colorado Department of Transportation is partnering with community businesses and organizations to encourage responsible decisions and provide useful tools to get home safely this holiday season -- check out this iPhone application link on their program page! The iPhone app helps users keep track of their blood-alcohol content (BAC) and sends warning messages if data indicates the user is "buzzed" or legally intoxicated.

Distracted Driving: From the Governor's Highway Safety Association

Driver inattention is a leading factor in many crashes, and cell phone use and texting are some of the most common driver distractions. While more and more states and localities are banning specific distractions, GHSA's message to all drivers is: don't use cell phones or other electronic devices while driving, regardless of the current law. For more information, click here.

iChoose: National Collegiate Alcohol Awareness Week 2009!
The new, comprehensive NCAAW program guide is hot off the presses! This kit contains many resources designed to help with NCAAW programming and year round alcohol abuse and impaired driving prevention efforts. Click here for more information and to view our online resources!

Screening and Brief Intervention (SBI) Toolkit for Colleges
Identified as an effective strategy for addressing alcohol abuse among college students, The BACCHUS Network™, under a cooperative agreement with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, created a toolkit to assist college and university campuses utilize screening and brief intervention. Click here to download the pdf of the toolkit and to learn more about this strategy.

The Team Up to Prevent Impaired Driving Programming Manual is still a great resource!
This campaign addresses the importance of educating students about the risks of driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs and how to program, throughout the year, to prevent impaired driving. The first weekend back to campus, Halloween, homecoming, finals week, and graduation can all be events and activities that are high-risk for increased alcohol use and impaired driving. The Team Up to Prevent Impaired Driving Campaign includes a programming manual, posters, pamphlets and promotional items to help campuses plan a comprehensive, year-round program to reduce drinking and driving. Click here to download.

2008 Alcohol-Related Crash Statistics
The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has released the 2008 state-by-state statistics for alcohol-related fatalities. Click here to download the report.